How can you make a difference?

Euthanasia is a choice which should be given to those in need to seek for it, although it may be placed under ethical and religious euthanasia should be considered and allow patients suffering from endless pain a choice to decide how they want to end their life. Of course, life is precious and we cannot […]

Euthanasia Political Hubs: Voluntary Euthanasia Party

Since euthanasia is illegal in Australia, many hubs have been created to try and gain support from the public to passing the Euthanasia Bill. We know that majority public supports the idea that euthanasia should be legalised although there are some who oppose the idea due to ethical or religious beliefs. There are many euthanasia […]

Why the public support but not the government?

Source: In Australia, euthanasia is illegal except for the Northern Territory. Currently, South Australia is working on trying to pass the Euthanasia Bill and there are still many debates over why it should or should not be passed. Through many surveys, results show that majority of the Australian public vote for their support of euthanasia, […]

Media on Euthanasia

Source: Since euthanasia is a link to suicide, information on this topic is limited. Unless you are following specific hubs that provide more information on euthanasia. In the previous post, why the younger generation has no appeal to the topic of euthanasia. One of the problems is the limited amount of information provided by media. […]

If Euthanasia was legalised in Australia?

Euthanasia is currently illegal in Australia, euthanasia is seen as a crime. A court case held in the Supreme Court of New South Wales in 2011, a 78-year-oldwomen was suffering from severe pain from a spinal condition. Her death was facilitated by her 66-year-old partner, overdosing her as well as suffocating her. The deceased has […]

Why is Euthanasia not appealing to the younger generation?

Source: For obvious reasons, the younger generation is thinking about how they would live and enjoy life, rather than thinking about how they are going to die. But for everyone, at least once, death would have crossed their mind. It is a terrifying thing to think about, and death is something everyone wants to avoid. […]

Religions and Euthanasia

Death in most religions is seen as a sacred part of life. Life is seen as precious and sacred, so when it comes to a strong topic like euthanasia and wanting to end life in a peaceful manner is seen as taboo as this is suicide, which is strongly opposed by many religions. Source: Most […]

Euthanasia: Why is it seen to be wrong?

Euthanasia encounters many arguments against it, especially moral and ethics. It is highly dependable on a person’s morals and their beliefs of ethics. Euthanasia deals with death and ‘suicide’, it is an extremely sensitive topic to some based on their culture and religious beliefs it is taboo. From the research and reading stories of those […]