What is Choice to Die?

Choice to Die is a campaign aims to change the views of euthanasia. Euthanasia can be seen as an issue that fall under ethical and legal implications. Human life is a part of this issue and this can be seen as a wrongful thing to be taking the life of someone and helping them ‘suicide’.

But Choice to Die is not looking into the direction of suicide or murder. We are focusing on the choice as a person who we would say ‘hold control of our lives’. It is not desired to be suffering from an incurable disease, so why must it be desired that we continue letting them suffer?  It is hard to decide whether this is a wrong or right choice to give them. But we are not living their life, we are not suffering like they are. So it is their choice to decide.

A paralysed patient seeking euthanasia, Mr. Sanpedro believes everyone’s choice should be respected. Some may want to continue fighting against odds to live. But everyone’s choices should be respected should be given every support, even Sanpedro’s.

From research, we have found that the age demographic between 18 to 34, strongly disagree with euthanasia.Euthanasia is not a highly aware social issue and many do not consider thinking about this issue unless they were of age to consider making that choice.


Although the issue of euthanasia may not be an issue for the younger demographic, it concerns at least a few people that they know grandparents and even parents. A patient must continue suffering from painful and continuous treatments that keep them alive, but if they had a choice to die painlessly or continue to suffer until they die. Which one would you choose if you were in that position?