How can you make a difference?

Euthanasia is a choice which should be given to those in need to seek for it, although it may be placed under ethical and religious euthanasia should be considered and allow patients suffering from endless pain a choice to decide how they want to end their life. Of course, life is precious and we cannot deny the fact we all value our life and are afraid of death. But to be placed in a situation where you no longer want to continue living off a machine which is the only thing keeping you alive, causing you nothing but endless pain and no dignity to live life how you want to. Then euthanasia should be an option.

Australian laws are made up through religious influences and we are at a time in the age where humans’ perspective should be added to the notion. Not to disgrace the religious factors of our laws, but there should be a human voice that can be noticed and make a change. It is hard for anyone to set themselves for death or think of suicide so we should their choices and give them an option to how they want their death to be.

How can we support euthanasia? We can cast our vote and support the Voluntary Euthanasia Party, currently South Australia is discussing whether to pass the euthanasia bill, so if we can vote when the time comes it would help raise awareness for the cause. Not only can you vote, but you can donate or become a member of the euthanasia hubs such as Dying with Dignity.



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