Euthanasia Hubs

In the previous post, we looked at political hubs trying to make a change within the legislation to pass the Euthanasia Bill. This post will be focused on euthanasia hubs in general. Euthanasia hubs tend to be supportive of cause as well as the legal side. These hubs tend to be advocates of the cause and creating awareness of euthanasia, trying to change the perspectives of euthanasia. The choice to die is a campaign that works in a similar way.

Some of the most popular hubs include Dying with Dignity and Philip Nitschke. Dying with Dignity is an international community that pursuing the change of law and giving those who seek euthanasia an option to have their choice respected. They are one of the largest organisations within the pro-euthanasia community. Philip Nitschke is Founder of Exit International, he was one of the first doctors in the world to administer a lethal voluntary injection under Rights of the Terminally Ill Act 1995(NT). The law was overturned in 1997 and Nitschke help four patients to end their suffering under the law.  The same year, Nitschke retired from medical practice to the Voluntary Euthanasia Research Foundation. Nitschke is one of the significant figures within the euthanasia community, he had worked on advertisements for the public but this was banned by the government.

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