Why the public support but not the government?

x5pv4yifweyrvxqph1hwwaSource: http://content.gallup.com/origin/gallupinc/GallupSpaces/Production/Cms/POLL/x5pv4yifweyrvxqph1hwwa.jpg

In Australia, euthanasia is illegal except for the Northern Territory. Currently, South Australia is working on trying to pass the Euthanasia Bill and there are still many debates over why it should or should not be passed. Through many surveys, results show that majority of the Australian public vote for their support of euthanasia, although the public support euthanasia, why is the government not passing the proposal of the Bill?

Some factors that may contribute to the reason why the government has not passed the Bill to legalise euthanasia is the religious factor and ethical beliefs, and the Hippocratic Oath. Religious factors are a major factor within some of our laws, especially when it came to the LGBT laws. Laws made in the past were made in accordance with religious beliefs and to abide by them. To cause harm and end a life given from God is a religious sin so euthanasia is not supported due to this. Another view is that having patients placed under treatment when they want to choose the euthanasia option is also a ‘harm’ on a life. The other factor is the Hippocratic Oath that anyone in the medical field has to make if euthanasia laws were to be legalised then it will go against the oath to protect and help patients without using harmful drugs. Although there are arguments claim that ‘harm’ within the Oath may not be an ‘against’ argument towards euthanasia, as ‘harm’ itself is also the pain of the patients who are left to suffer.



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