Media on Euthanasia


Since euthanasia is a link to suicide, information on this topic is limited. Unless you are following specific hubs that provide more information on euthanasia. In the previous post, why the younger generation has no appeal to the topic of euthanasia. One of the problems is the limited amount of information provided by media. Media plays a huge role in everyone’s daily rituals, especially the younger generation, we spend the majority of our lives being connected to the media and using media. Personally, before starting this campaign, I pretty much came across an article in relations to euthanasia, as a part of the target market, I had no idea that euthanasia was such a huge problem for some people. Further research into the topic made me understand more about what was happening with this issue and what hubs are doing to legalise it in Australia.

From research, most people within the target age group only knows ‘a bit’ of information on the topic euthanasia. One of the factors is that Australian government is banning voluntary euthanasia ads because it is believed to be “a violation of free speech” (Alexander, 2010). Since euthanasia is essentially illegal within Australia so promotion of pro-euthanasia would most likely be banned or limited. The younger generation is mostly on social media, so this is one of the advantages of using social media, if you have a voice you can freely express it on social media and for those who support what you believe will follow on.


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