If Euthanasia was legalised in Australia?

Euthanasia is currently illegal in Australia, euthanasia is seen as a crime. A court case held in the Supreme Court of New South Wales in 2011, a 78-year-oldwomen was suffering from severe pain from a spinal condition. Her death was facilitated by her 66-year-old partner, overdosing her as well as suffocating her. The deceased has expressed her desire to die in a suicide note that was written prior to her death. The court convicted the partner with manslaughter and was given a two-year suspension sentence, court accounted with impairment as well as voluntarily revealing his involvement in the offence.

7903942Source: http://euthanasiaenglishproject.weebly.com/uploads/2/0/4/8/20482142/7903942.jpg?360

If Australian laws legalise active euthanasia, how would Australians citizen feel? How would this change the way we think about death?

For the most parts, legalising euthanasia would create an uproar for the anti-euthanasians. It is an understanding perspective why they would be against euthanasia. Euthanasia ultimately, and to be put in a negative light is suicide. There are many people that see euthanasia on the same live as abortions, yes you are killing a life but it is not the same, in my opinion. The campaign is ‘choice to die’ so I believe that choice should be the major deciding factor for someone who is asking for euthanasia. I agree to the euthanasia laws in Japan, there are requirements that must be meet in order for the act to be carried out.

According to multiple surveys, a majority of Australians support euthanasia being legalised. If Australia were to be legalised, it is most likely to not be mentioned much. Death is sacred and is not spoken about casually. Only those at a point thinking about euthanasia may consider it. One pro-euthanasia argument claims that it would improve the quality of life. “By allowing people to choose the how and when of their death, we’re guaranteeing they’ll live what remaining life they have to the fullest, free from the pain of anxiety,” this statement is agreeable, but I feel that if euthanasia laws are to be legalised there will be those who would try to abuse it in order to end their life. Euthanasia laws, in my opinion, should be only used for those who are reaching the end of their life, suffering from unbearable pain and all options through treatment were made and there’s no cure.

There was a controversial case of a murderer and rapist in Belgium, in asking for euthanasia because he didn’t want to suffer in prison. Belgium is known for being the most lenient nation when it comes to euthanasia, but to use euthanasia on a man who is serving time for his sinful deeds is certainly unfair for victims. The victims strongly disagree, so his procedure was pulled out and he had to continue serving time through therapeutic care of long-term prisoners.

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