Why is Euthanasia not appealing to the younger generation?

Source: http://www.carenotkilling.org.uk/public/images/poll2.jpg

For obvious reasons, the younger generation is thinking about how they would live and enjoy life, rather than thinking about how they are going to die. But for everyone, at least once, death would have crossed their mind. It is a terrifying thing to think about, and death is something everyone wants to avoid. This may be the reason why euthanasia does not appeal to the younger generation unless the topic is brought up. This may be the reason why technology is advancing and scientists are trying to figure out a way to create immortality. It may be possible that euthanasia within the future may not even be considered due to bioengineering and scientists correcting the human genes to remove all the flaws of humans. In comparison the older generation, the elders would think or even know of euthanasia is due to the reason that they are soon reaching death.

Within today’s society, maybe now is not the right time for the younger generation to think about how they want to die, but being placed in the shoes of those patients enduring constant pain from their illness and treatment. Euthanasia might be considered an option.

Death is sacred to religion and possibly everyone. Although everyone knows of death, unless it is brought up then people would think about it. One major reason euthanasia is not appealing to the younger generation is the circulation of information, not everyone is talking about euthanasia unless you’re an activist. Euthanasia is also illegal within Australia so a lot of media coverage on euthanasia is limited unless you are to do personal research.



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