Euthanasia: Why is it seen to be wrong?

Euthanasia encounters many arguments against it, especially moral and ethics. It is highly dependable on a person’s morals and their beliefs of ethics. Euthanasia deals with death and ‘suicide’, it is an extremely sensitive topic to some based on their culture and religious beliefs it is taboo. From the research and reading stories of those patients, many claim that their choices to choose the dying with dignity route is due to the limited time they have. They have been driven to a dead end where they know 100% that their illness will be the reason for their death.

Many people may say that these people who chose the route to ‘die with dignity’ are easily giving up on their life. They can stand the pain of treatment or the pain of the current state that life has put them. So they choose to end their life as a ‘shortcut’ to end the pain. There are always motivators telling those with suicidal thoughts that without setbacks an individual cannot continue to grow. Life is precious and should be valued as it is a gift from your parents and God.

It is clear that for some patients believe in not giving up on life so easily due to an illness, but there are those who are suffering from an incurable illness with constant treatment that is painful to endure. It is a choice. Christy O’Donnell a brain and lung cancer patient, know that her illness will be the reason for her death, making her lungs drown in her own liquid. It is a terrifying way to die and because she resides in a state where euthanasia laws are illegal. O’Donnell’s wish was to die in her bed with her family besides, instead of having her daughter come from school and discovering her mother has already passed.

Having an option to die with dignity may be seen as a comforting choice to some. It is probably everyone’s wish to die in peace instead of lying in their own pool of blood or having to suffer through pain before passing. Euthanasia is an option, it is a choice

Learn more about Christy O’Donnell’s case:



2 thoughts on “Euthanasia: Why is it seen to be wrong?

  1. I’ve always steered clear away from euthanasia discussion topics because of the overwhelming about of sensitive ethical and moral aspects to it. For many cultures and religion, euthanasia is directly seen as suicide to which is frowned upon. The ‘die with dignity’ concept is a great way to see it in another way, by having the choice to die is something very personal to one self. Especially during the cases when there is a terrible illness where there is only a matter of time for death, it’s comforting to know that you’ll be in control of that than be controlled by the disease completely.

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